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used to describe someone who is all talk, one who says one thing and does another; or when some one is bullshittin wit you.
yeah, she came thru but when she got there she was off the weak.
by Bomb April 06, 2005
Another word for shit, yelled out by dezil while he is using the restroom.
Hey Bomb im gona take a schpoopty in your bathroom.
by Bomb March 14, 2005
another way to express the common exit greeting "Holla", derived from Jay-Z.
aight then nigga, William H
by Bomb April 28, 2005
The hottest nigga lyrically, and a beast on the beats.
Did you hear that new track Lava Man put down?
by Bomb April 08, 2005
A hoe ass nigga (or female); one who does something weak or ain't actin right see off the weak; used to express extreme disgust in someone.
yeah i know him, fuck that hollow bunny.
by Bomb April 06, 2005
When you are parked at stop light and someone is behind you, and when it turns green you don't move and piss the person behind you off. But as Soon as it is turning red you take off, and make them wait again.
This dude cut me off back there so I got in front and gave him the green light special.
by Bomb April 05, 2005

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