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3 definitions by Bolt Vanderhuge

Mumm-ra's dog from Thundercats. Whether you believe he exists or not.

Often fought Snarf...but unfortunately never killed him.
I can't believe Kirby doesn't believe Ma-Mutt exists... there's an internet!
by Bolt Vanderhuge November 25, 2010
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Rituals or Shamanistic ways as described by the ignorant.
Young Guns:
Dirty Steve: "Red ass Navajo mamba jamba... We're Runnin out of time, Chavez!"
by Bolt Vanderhuge February 19, 2011
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A city south of Atlanta, Ga, within Clayton County. It is the place that "Gone with the Wind" was supposed to have been set, so everything is called Tara.
The city is now a complete shit-hole.
Oh my God, your moving to Jonesboro? Do you own a gun?
by Bolt Vanderhuge June 02, 2011
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