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A World of Warcraft character that is the best warrior known to all of WoW and is characterized by his infamous, gigantic penis. When anyone needs a hero this character is there to save all of WoW-kind. His only weakness is his overly-encumbering penis will at times become a burned and cause him to fall in combat.
If only Fengross and his large penis where here to save us at Nax!
by Bolognamaster May 11, 2009
Owner of all Joseph Sanchez' All Gay Bars. He wears a yellow sombrero with a mustache and small beard. He prefers to play WoW and work only on the weekends. He is a very anti-social creature who feeds on hotpockets. His natural predator is Seth
Look at that guy he is such a joseph sanchez!!!
by Bolognamaster May 08, 2009
To murder or cause fatal wounding through or directly involving the anus.
The men slaughtomized the prisoner by sticking pvc pipe into his anus while sliding barbed wire into the pipe. Then pulling the pipe out to leave only the wire. Lastly, yanking the wire out to complete the slaughtomy.
by Bolognamaster November 17, 2010
Describes a situation where a group of players out number the opposing side and win the battle due to their larger numbers. The ganking is so fluid that it resembles defecation with too much fluid.
Yesterday I was playing League of Legends with my bro and the other team jumped out and killed me 1 vs 5 then proceeded to destroy my tower. It was total Gankorrhea.
by Bolognamaster March 05, 2011

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