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2 definitions by Bolloxthebrave

Crotch area of see through or lace panties, especially with plenty of pubic hair inside.
Stripper to bouncer: Jo, this guy touched me on my teabag n' now he won't pay.
by Bolloxthebrave March 06, 2009
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Penis that still has the foreskin so the head is far too sensitive, especially in young men, resulting in a hair-trigger. Being uncircumsized also results in the accumulation of smegma under the foreskin which is likely to make any jizz gobbler throw up their lunch when they encounter it.
Jenny: Ooh he's cute
Sasha: Yeah, but his uncircumsized manhood looks like a sausage with a roll neck sweater on.
by BolloxTheBrave March 06, 2009
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