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Pet name for a nighttime erection that will in no way
subside on it's own.
Turgidity that's a 14 on a scale of 1-10.
Hank: Shit ,I got no fuckin sleep last night.
Frank: Why, bad dreams,.. nightmares?
Hank: Worse, a Midnight Johnson.
Frank: WTF is a Midnight Johnson?
Hank: It's an erection so intense, that there isn't enough
skin left to close your eyes!
by Boleskinehouse August 20, 2009
a hot young girl used only for sex.
Too stupid for a relationship, much less a conversation.
Fundamentally disposable, used in desperate times.
A last ditch go to, when more desirable shit is unavailable.
ring, ring,..
Tonya; Hello?
Tom; Hey fuck thing, whatcha doing?
Tonya; Uh, I don't know...nothing.
Tom: Why don't you swing by for a couple of laps around
the bases and a gack dessert?
Tonya; Uh,..ok. I guess so.
Tom; You can shower here and I'll give ya gas money.
Tonya; I'll leave in a little bit
by Boleskinehouse August 24, 2009
A bowel movement of near biblical proportions.
Usually displaces all water in victimized bowl.
A galaxy beyond any standard 2 or 3 flusher.
Man, I scarfed a couple of those jumbo dogs and a couple of beers at the track.
Later we split a vegetable pizza and some more beers.
That combination produced a classic Kong shit!
When I looked in the bowl,fuck, no water... just shit!
by Boleskinehouse August 20, 2009
a witch's cunt
Holy shit!
I had to walk clear across the parking lot.
It's fucking colder than a witch's gnacka.
by Boleskinehouse August 18, 2009

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