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Mother of David Boles.
Do i hooked up with boles mom last night!
by boles March 29, 2003
To chill, either with friends, or by yourself.
Me and my friends were chazillin last night.

I like to chazill.
by Boles March 21, 2003
A very retarded and/or stupid person from Fremont, NH. Can be also used as a compliment.
Shut up you stupid Fretard.

Why Jane, you're look very Fretarded tonight.
by Boles March 21, 2003
1. A male penis.
2. Your cock.
3. A device for fixing things.
1. Fuck with me, and I'll kill you with my tool.
2. I used a tool to fix my bleeding anus.
by Boles March 21, 2003

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