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2 definitions by BoksAkang

Song by Flo Rida. It's based on "right round (like a record).
Person 1: Why does Flo Rida make a remix of meatspin?
Person 2: He like it very much, of course!
Person 1: Right round!!
by BoksAKang March 27, 2009
A slang common in Almelo (The Netherlands). Also said as "akang". Said when they are happy or they have to celebrate something. When said, they headbutt each other gently but sometimes very hard to make a a joke. Also combined with Boks Akang. "Boks" is said to indicate they want to celebrate with kang.
Person 1: Tomorrow we have SCHOOL-FREE! Boks?
Person 2: AKANG! *headbutt*
by BoksAkang February 06, 2009