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A verision of a pimp slap, named as such because the motion resembles the presenting of a bouquet of flowers, with the motion starting around the ear and the back of the hand coming down on the target, preferably a broad that won't shut up.
If Lisa doesn't shut her piehole, she's going to get the Albanian Bouquet.
by Bokolis October 07, 2012
The practice of a cleat chaser having sex with NBA players with the intention of getting pregnant, possibly to get wifed-up, but at the least to hit up the player for child support, which she will use to support her own lifestyle, rather than the kid's.
Kelli has been smashed by everyone on the Lakers and half the Clippers. She must be tryna hit the NBA Lottery.
by Bokolis August 19, 2013
Typically on a hot summer day/night when the women are wearing as little clothing as is practical- figure a short skirt/dress- and are hot, bothered and lathered up to the point where the smell of pussy is in the air, so pronounced so as to remind of the smell of the bay at low tide. This only applies when the relative general hotness of the women in that particular city is also high.
Sniff, sniff...since it's so hot today, all the broads must be airing out their snatches. It's LOW TIDE in the city!
by Bokolis January 03, 2014

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