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The Caucasian holiday where people eat lesser portions of food. It was first created when the Lord came down and gave Jesus food but it was too much. Jesus therefore rejected the parcel and the Lord lessened the amount in there and sent it back. Jesus then ate the smaller portion and was pleased and set up a remembrance of the event.
A: Dude, lets go get some massive amounts of food!

B: I can't dude, its yimmidum.

A: Thats rite i forgot nevermind.
by Bojangles20000 November 26, 2006
The holiday celebrating when the lord came down and gave food to the people but was rejected by them. They said it was too much so he took a great sum back and the people only got to eat small portions. This holiday is celebrated by having small portions of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The day it is celebrated on is the last Sunday of November.
A: Dude, lets go get a massive amount of food!

B: No way! It's Yimidum meaning we eat small portions!

A: Oh yea, I forgot.
by Bojangles20000 November 26, 2006

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