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2 definitions by Boguswogus

Abbreviation for F*ck It Let's Go! It's when you do something without thinking about the consequences, without planning for it, without knowing where to go or what you're going to end up doing. It's about not having any plans at all...
1. A: Wait, do you have protection?

B: Tsss, let's FILG it.

2. A: What are we doing for your birthday?

B: We're going on a FILG Trip. Awyeah...
by Boguswogus January 21, 2009
1. Someone you think is or was gay until you see him in your reunion with a hot ass girl.

2. Someone who acts real feminine but is NOT gay.
"Ralph? Apparently he's not gay... He's just gaylike."
by boguswogus July 16, 2009