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A stable, (usually) freeware, operating system, limited in usefulness to most users. Good for running servers snd business machines but has major inherent flaws that prohibit it form ever becoming a truly mainstream OS for personal use. Its just too bulky and user-unfriendly to ever gain the popular eye.
Linux is a cool idea, but since its a pain to install and operate, and incompatible with nearly all software on the market, itll never get far beyond the geeks and zealots.
by Bogus December 14, 2004
Organized, formal, arguement, usually held between two or more people to make their beliefs known and convince an audience to support their beliefs. More effective than one-sided discussions because both strengths and weaknesses of the ideologies in question are revealed.
Did you listen to yesterday's debate? I wonder who won.
by Bogus October 18, 2004
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