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When entering a highway or freeway, when you don't merge from the entrance ramp to the road itself until the entrance lane ends, and just expect that Moses will part the traffic for you so you don't end up smashed between a semi and one of those fat-ass Hummers. So named because the sheeple in California, too oblivious to reality to actually take the initiative and merge when there's an opening *before* the lane ends, are particuarly fond of this traffic maneuver.
"Look at me, I'm following the solid white line onto the highway because I suck at life."
by Bogus December 07, 2004
MMOG developed by Harmless Games, published by Sony Online Entertainment(SOE). Innovative design idea, languished due to lack of development. Characterized by its third-person-overview interface and wide variety of gameplay styles, including standard capture-the-flag, hybrid-RPG, and tactical space combat.
Hey man, I heard you play Infantry.
by Bogus October 18, 2004
Read The Fucking QuestLog. A term often used in the MMORPG World of Warcraft.
Greg: where can I find that place?
by bogus March 09, 2005
the distnce between ones eyes.
his interocular length is much like that of a caveman.
by bogus January 19, 2005
a combination of bogus and mofo , which means that it describes a person who is both bogus and a mofo. basically, an asshole.
that guy is such a bogofo.
by bogus December 28, 2004
Often stereotyped, California is a case study of why real-world liberalism screws you in the end. The state is nearly bankrupt from 30 years of mismanagement by a legislature more interested in appeasing special-interest groups than actually running the damn state, and makred by high taxes, insane cost of living, and a political system slightly more pleasing than a bucket of manure. The complete cluelessness of the general public ensures that the process will continue ad nauseum, until all the people with any sense (and money) leave and California becomes known as the one state poorer and more ridiculed than Alabama.

Also a good example of the sheer stupidity of many corporations because they actually voluntarily choose to move out here.
"I don't mind living in a double-wide that costs $300K, paying 50% taxes, obscene utility bills, or $3.00 per gallon gas thanks to the incompetent legislature *I* elected because the weather is sooooo nice out here."
by Bogus January 09, 2005
Hasik's Law states that, of the people you know only over the Internet, you are connected to at least one of them by no more than two degrees of separation (i.e. friend of a friend).

It can be very amusing and philosophical thinking about who that person (or persons) might be.
alfred486: hey dude, whats up?
bernieX: not much, im just going out with my pal mike for a pizza tonight
alfred486: cool, i know a guy named mike who loves pizza
bernieX: not mike johnson, is it? short fat italian dude?
alfred486: actually, yeah it is...

Thus, Hasik's law holds true again.
by Bogus August 10, 2005

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