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(n). synonym for charity crapper: see charity crapper.
He's a prime time poverty pooper.
by Boggler March 23, 2004
Charity sigh--a sigh done in a public place, done by an individual who has an audience. Usually the sigher is working on a frustrating task such as homework, or on a slow moving computer.
Ted is pretty easy to spot in the library. He often lets out a charity sigh to let everyone know of his "woe is me" problem.
by Boggler March 10, 2004
(n). One who habitually uses a public bathroom in a public place such as a library on a daily basis to relieve their load themselves. Quite often, the offender leaves the area foul smelling.
Every day at 3 Pm, Max comes into the library to free his load. Why doesn't he go home and use his own toilet? He's a charity crapper.
by Boggler March 05, 2004
(n). One of the most annoying toys ever. Emerged from the 1970s, it was a plastic yellow stick that made a spastic sound by tilting it on end, back and forth. The first sound would be higher pitched and the second one was lower. Sounded like a cow on helium.

It would sound like "Ow, ewwwww...ow, ewwwww..."
In the "just a buck store", I found a cheap imitation of that old annoying giggle stick.
by Boggler July 25, 2005
(n) and (adj). See e-superman.
The Internet is filled with electronic supermans, thinking they are invincible behind a computer, that nothing can stop them.
by Boggler July 22, 2005
E-superman: (n). short for electronic superman. 1. Any user of a personal computer, that thinks they are invincible, because they cannot be seen, and think they are anonymous. E-supermans often do things online that they would not do in real life. E-supermans think they are untouchable, super macho, so they think they can do anything online, like hack websites, write viruses, flame online users. E-supermans have no idea of the long term consequences. 2. adj. Describes the feeling of power one gets when they take hold of a computer--quite often, they are just looking for attention.
Who knows how many e-supermans there are out roaming the online world, feeling bold and indestructible behind a computer.

Ignore that e-superman. It's just another user looking for attention.
by Boggler July 22, 2005
(n). 1. One who goes to parties, functions, and other events just for the freebies, but doesn't bring anything to eat/drink. 2. A guy/gal who goes out to eat, and when the time comes to divvy up the bill, says they are short.
3. Someone that does not reciprocate.

"Hey Paul, should I invite Bill?" "Oh, no, man! Not that charity crapper!"
by boggler October 01, 2005

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