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(n). See shit spreader.
I really hanging out with Alex. It's too bad that I found out that he was a major manure salesman.
by boggler October 23, 2005
(N) pl. 1. Toy in the 70s and 80s that resembled two testicles tied to a string. The object was to click the two balls together and then make them swing up and down in a pendulum motion.

2. The testicles.
Ouch, that hurt. Right in the ker bangers.
by boggler July 23, 2005
(n). a young man, usually a bachelor, who can be neat when he wants to, but prefers to leave his car, apartment, and other belongings in a disorderly fashion.
I am a neat slob. When company comes over, I will tidy up the place, then after they leave, I will leave things all over the place.
by boggler May 30, 2005
(n). Any money in a given year, made working at a variety of low-paying (often per hour, without benefits) jobs.

Categories of jobs include (but not limited to): manual labor, seasonal empoyment, temporary employment, per diem (on call basis), and food work.

Highly skilled and educated people often have to take jobs like these in difficult times.
Hey Will, some friends and I are flying down to Rio for two weeks for a vacation. Do you want to join us?

Sorry, John. I won't be able to, due to my four figure salary.
by boggler February 07, 2011
(v). To fart subtly, and slowly. Usually it is a fart that is restrained to the point where all you can here is a wisp or a faint hissing noise for a few seconds. This fart is not a ripper, or a fanny flapper. It's a breezy one, that can take on the harshest stench depending on what one ate beforehand.
Honestly, Jack, what are you doing behind that window drape?

Shhh! I'm letting the air out of the tires. Damn onions.
by boggler December 25, 2008
(n). Synonym for celluwhore. Has one arm glued to a phone to their ear, so it appears as if they are one armed.
Beware of the one-armed phonehead. This monster appears in supermarkets, malls, and other public places such as gyms, concert halls, and airports.
by boggler October 24, 2005
short for cyber abortion:

(verb). The process or act of shutting down a computer in a desperate attempt to erase evidence of looking at offensive material. Quite often, this happens in public libraries, or when someone is coming.
In a cybortion, the user will usually say the computer crashed and needs to be "rebooted".
Jack heard the footsteps coming up the hallway. He knew he wasn't supposed to look at bondage.com, so he quickly performed a cybortion.
by Boggler March 10, 2004
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