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short for cyber abortion:

(verb). The process or act of shutting down a computer in a desperate attempt to erase evidence of looking at offensive material. Quite often, this happens in public libraries, or when someone is coming.
In a cybortion, the user will usually say the computer crashed and needs to be "rebooted".
Jack heard the footsteps coming up the hallway. He knew he wasn't supposed to look at bondage.com, so he quickly performed a cybortion.
by Boggler March 10, 2004
Used to describe a very painful, (and sometimes embarrassing), situation that one cannot get out of immediately.

This could imply financial, social (where one gets mocked and doesn't have a come back) , physical (getting one's foot caught under a boulder); this could be used in all aspects of life.
Example one:

"Hey, did you want to come along on that three week expedition with us?"

"No, sorry dude, I'm tapped out. Fiscally, I'm hanging by a wedgie".

Example two:

"Dude, I just got pwned by Mike. There's no way I could top that comeback. He's got me hanging by a wedgie.
by boggler December 08, 2009
A girl's/woman's breasts, esp. those of a very busty woman.
Look at the set of double lattes on that chick!
by Boggler March 09, 2004
(n). Any money in a given year, made working at a variety of low-paying (often per hour, without benefits) jobs.

Categories of jobs include (but not limited to): manual labor, seasonal empoyment, temporary employment, per diem (on call basis), and food work.

Highly skilled and educated people often have to take jobs like these in difficult times.
Hey Will, some friends and I are flying down to Rio for two weeks for a vacation. Do you want to join us?

Sorry, John. I won't be able to, due to my four figure salary.
by boggler February 07, 2011
(n). Any young male, between the ages of 16 to 25, who wants the neighborhood to know he's a big badass because he can burn rubber on asphalt.

This is not necessarily just to impress girls, but could be to just to gain attention.

Often leaves a skid mark more than forty feet long.
Hey dude, what's that smell?

Look on the pavement in front of us. A tire screecher just left a lasting impression on the pavement in front of us.
by boggler February 07, 2011

1. Any daredevil on a Ninja style motorcycle who gets his thrills in traffic by weaving in and out and around cars without respect for other drivers/pedestrians/cyclists.

2. A young inexperienced biker who races and does wheelies in traffic, resulting in a fatal accident.
On my back bumper, these three weaver monkeys were trying to intimidate me by weaving back and forth on their bikes, then they gunned it down the right hand shoulder and into the mini-mart lot.

Jack, pull over in to the right lane, we got weaver monkeys in back of us.
by boggler October 16, 2005
(n). one who habitually wears a wool stocking cap even when its ninety degrees out, dresses in sweatpants, and listens to "NU" Metal.
At the heavy metal show, there were plenty of old school headbangers, but no sockheads.
by Boggler January 06, 2005

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