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2 definitions by BogUk

person who claims in internet chatrooms to have served in the Armed Forces, before showing a demonstrably bad understanding of the military.see fontline combatant

can also be used as a derogatory term to one who uses threats of violence in internet chatrooms, or to one who wholeheartedly supports ANY war THEY don't have to fight in..
chatter1: "we should just invade Iran next..."
chatter2:"and where abouts in Iraq are YOU typing from, Screen Beret ??? Manchester ???"
by BogUk January 19, 2008
One who claims to have served in various armed forces, yet misunderstands military terminology.
screen beret
"My friends who used to serve with me in "the CORE"

"It's CORPS, Playdough Commando" <rolls eyes>
by boguk April 27, 2009