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1 definition by Bofar

You are not simply born with the name Kraig, but rather, you are given the name

based on your looks and personality. Kraigs are usually of average height, with

dark hair, pale skin, and glasses. They are sarcastic and excellent procrastinators. Their

hobbies include being lazy, making offensive jokes, and laughing from the back

of the classroom. Despite their flaws, Kraigs are easy to get along with and

make great friends (unless they find you annoying, in which case, they will ruin

your life).
Bill: Hey Kraig!
John: My name isn't Kraig.
Bill: But boy, you do look like a Kraig.
John: What?
Bill: You act like one too!
Everyone: Yep, we're calling you Kraig.
by Bofar April 19, 2013