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'Scheiss' as a somewhat shorter form of 'scheisse' (shit, crap)
Scheiss in general is often used the same way, as 'fuck' in US Englisch...
In German language, e.g. 'scheiss' (from Scheisse - shit) and 'egal' (equal) becomes 'scheissegal' which means whatever but with an 'fucking whatever' in mind.
So ein Scheiss - What a shit
Was für ein Scheiss hast Du gemacht? - What crap did you do?
by Boerge January 09, 2014
fucking cold, damn cold
'scheisskalt' literally means 'shit cold'
Draussen ist es scheisskalt - noutside it's shit cold
Die Dusche ist scheiskalt - the shower ist fucking cold
by Boerge January 09, 2014
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