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Affectionately referred to as the "Triple Seven", a commercial aircraft manufactured by the Boeing Company of Chicago, IL. The 777 is a large twin-engine aircraft capable of seating between 300 and 400 passengers on flights up to over 10,000 statute miles at .84 Mach. The 777 is a very innovative aircraft, being the first commercial jetliner designed 100% in CATIA (computer aided three-dimenional interactive aplications) and featuring fly-by-wire flight controls, advanced avionics and electronics, innovative materials, and aerodynamic features that enhance efficiency. The 777 is a strong performer, roundly beating out the Airbus A330/340 series in speed, payload, range, fuel efficiency, wider fuselage, and low empty weight.
My trip on the 777 was so relaxing.
by Boeing Rules! March 31, 2005

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