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3 definitions by BoeZoe

Cheap beer.
I drank a bunch of bimbleman's last night and now have a bad case of squirrelly turds.
by boezoe May 27, 2010
A bowel movement that is somewhere between normal and diarrhea. Consistently crescent shaped and varying in number.
I went to a kegger last night and have had squirrelly turds all morning.
by BoeZoe May 27, 2010
when creamer poured or shaken into a cup of coffee fails to dissolve properly after stirring well and just floats around in the coffee in little unabsorbed blobs or globs making the beverage somewhat unappealing to consume.
That peppermint mocha creamer may be out of date because it conglobulated in my coffee this morning.
by BoeZoe May 28, 2010