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As virilent as bubonic plague and spreading like rats emerging from their lairs these undesirables are spawning a legion of illegitimate 'chavlets.'
Linger round Oldham Street & Piccadilly Gardens in Manchista and watch the 'chavometer' peak!
Low chav index before midday tho' as they're still in their pits!
Baying and snarling like a pack of jackals round a wounded prey,basball caps cocked at an angle they take everything out of the system but put tap-all back!
Render the bastards down!
Chavs ferried in at one end -melted tacky jewellry and Rockport residue exuding out of the other!!
Only Argos Jewellry counters and Cash Generators would miss them.

'Garot a chav today !
Keep the detritus at bay !!''
''I'm innocent !
I've dun nuffin Mr.Dibble !
I woz dumpin me load into one ov me bitches at that time.
Honest mate.
She'd bunked off skool.''
by Bod June 07, 2004
The hobby of driving green lanes or unsurfaced roads usually with a 4x4 or trail motorcycle. Mainly UK English.
I am going out to do some laning today.
by Bod February 04, 2004
A person, usually of the younger generation, lurking around on there P plates.
That penis plater just cut me off! What a prick
by BOD August 27, 2003
A board on neopets for all the dumb, random people. But n00bs have taken over alot of it and we must stab them with taco shoes -_-
" Good God. Ems is dead tonight"
by Bod August 20, 2004
when a lesbian lick's a clitoras
"im gonna flick your bean tonight darlin"
by bod July 09, 2004
1) teh l337 g@yb0y!
2) Runs Oldo's gay hub on DC
OMG u f00kin OLDO!
by Bod September 05, 2003
A male from the slumps of the south east. He usually struggles in every facet of his life. Is quite often a lurker and a minger. He also prefers the company of munters to hotties
That Slammer is kidding himself
by Bod September 01, 2003
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