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The intimate embuce of a Gary and a Bucey

To fornicate, make love to, fuck, or buce a citizen of Garyfornia.
To achieve the ultimate orgaryasm one must embuce buceteality.

Gary: Busey, did you just commit buseteality?
Busey: Yes, Gary. It was the best orgaryasm I've ever had.
by Boctor Ducey December 10, 2010
A perfect society controlled by Gary Busey. Everything is extremely efficient, effective, and positive. The only fault is ultimate subservience to Gary Busey.
Gary: Did you know Garyfornia is the only bucetopia?
Bucey: Wow! Let's celebrate with a buceteality festival.
by Boctor Ducey December 10, 2010
The loving acceptance of Dr. Billiam G Busey.
Much like the loving relationship of Busey and Gary in hit sitcom Busefeld.

We must embuce the infidels.

And on this day, our grand emperor king senator Dr. Billiam G Busey said unto the young Garys and Buseys of our generation: "Thou shalt not embuce any sagarylige."
by Boctor Ducey December 10, 2010
The slightly less evil formerly siamese twin of Dr. Billiam G Busey. These two have the power of busion and employ it once every 1000 years for 1000 years.
Gary: Is that Dr. Billiam G Bucey?
Bucey: No, Gary. That is David Bucey, otherwise known as the big lebuceky.
by Boctor Ducey December 10, 2010
Our one supreme overlord.
Bucey: Is that David Bucey?
Gary: No, Bucey. That is our supreme overlord, Dr. Billiam G Bucey.
by Boctor Ducey December 10, 2010

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