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3 definitions by Bobtography

The overly-flabby dangling section of one's arm opposite and below the bicep, generally seen on women (but occuring on suddenly-slim men as well) after the loss of a lot of weight.
"I initially found her attractive, but then she raised her arms and I saw her unsightly flyceps flapping as she waved to me. Eeeew."
by Bobtography March 17, 2009
A person who prevents another from having cybersex via unwelcomed words, actions or simply the sheer presence of being nearby.
I was about to hook up with BigVixen2742, and then littlepinocchio625 had to butt into the conversation with his views of how photon torpedos wouldn't be possible in a near-space atmosphere, and bam! BigVixen2742 suddenly logged out. I hate that cyberblocker littlepinocchio625! He always seems to do that to me.
by Bobtography May 18, 2010
A decision that seemed quite sound when made but is ultimately regretted for a google of reasons later once clearer thinking prevails.

NOTE: confusing this "booogle" with other two "o" "boogle" entries would, in fact, be a booogle of your own.
On the advice of a trusted friend, Bobby dressed in a pink shirt with a green bowtie to impress the ladies, but it clearly proved to be his biggest booogle yet based on the laughter that greeted him when he arrived at the party.
by Bobtography March 30, 2009