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A fleece, pull-over style sweater with a large pocket on the front, and a drawstring hood. Is almost exclusive to Saskatchewan; outside the province is usually known as a hoodie. Weirdos.
It was just another May Long in Saskatchewan, and Bob was thirsty. He put on his bunnyhug, since it was snowing, and walked to the LB, where he got the town drunk to pull him a two-four of Pil, as Bob had lost his ID as a result of his drunken belligerence the night previous. He then proceeded to the Co-op to buy some Vi-co to drink between 7 and 8 A.M., the time period in which he would lay off the Pil. With Pil and Vi-co in hand, Bob suddenly tripped over a pothole in the grid road and gibbled his ankle, creating a smelly, swampy mess of Bob, bunnyhug, and beverage. The location of Bob's mishap is now known as Regina, the only name whose pronunciation could give justice to that awful smell.
by Bobsk November 10, 2007

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