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A city in British Columbia, Canada. What's thought to be the place of Escalades, Indian Gangsters who listen to their music, and wear Nike or Puma shoes. Them throwing parties, and getting hot girls. However, that's not Surrey. That's a separate definition for a indian gangster. Surrey actually means a cool place to hang out, and go to the malls, and visit some of our landmarks. It has cheap housing, and there's a lot to do there. So grab your friends and go to Surrey. Just don't go right to the heart of Surrey though. The most dangerous place in Surrey is there.
Person 1: Where do you live?
Person 2: Surrey,BC
Person 1: You mean where there's gangsters, and people smoking crack, and committing murders, and...
Person 2: No! That's a different term. Surrey's the cool place to hang out with your friends!
Person 1: Oh, Sorry! I guess i don't need to bring my pimped out toys then.
by BobsBurgers October 18, 2011

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