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An exclusive member of the extensive retard-breeding project funded by your government.

Don't mistakenly pity knocked-up teenage girls and mourn their "ruined chances at an amazing future". 10 times out of 10 teenage mothers are white trash or ghetto scum that were conceived as a result of their own mother's reckless sexcapades at age 16. The paramount of their life would have been a manager's position at Burger King. Now they'll never even accomplish that.

They will claim they used birth control every time prior to contracting pregnancy, but this is usually referring to a Catholic practice their Mexican boyfriend told them about that is known as the rhythm method. They are underage and poor so it is understandable that they did not have a car to drive to the free clinic and get condoms. However, it is ludicrous that these girls actually go through with the pregnancy as an abortion is easily conducted at home with a rusty wire coathanger.

The offspring of a teen parent is a bastard. In today's society this term is not spoken to the teen parent's face, but is still widely accepted for use behind their back.

You will never hear a plural form of this phrase, i.e. teen "parents".
Preggers: My grandma keeps getting on my case because I'm going to be a teen parent!

Jill: It's not too late to drive a knife into your gut and cut my taxes by 20%.

Preggers: I get everything I need free from a Christian pro-life foundation.

Jill: I work 40 hrs a week and starve to death paying for my rent and the for needs of your fat ass and your nasty little bastard.
by Bobolobo November 19, 2008

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