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"CEO I like fucking." The paradigm of an uber-hot, upper management female executive, with lots of potential in the bedroom.
OMG. Check out Marissa Mayer, the new Yahoo CEO. She's a total CEOilf. I'd tap that, except she's both married and preggo.
#ceoilf #milf #gilf #sexy ceo #ceo
by Bobo the Love sponge July 17, 2012
The type of sexual encounter between a very old man and a woman who is several decades younger. It is quick and unsatisfactory.
- Oh man, Wendy totally had hef sex with her older boyfriend the other day. She came out the door two minutes later.
- That's her boyfriend? I thought he was her grandpa!
#hef sex #hefsex #grandpa sex #older guy #younger chick
by Bobo The Love Sponge July 27, 2011
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