3 definitions by Bobo Debauchery

A woman. That's about it. A woman.
I love women. Without them, pussies couldn't live. They are basically just pussy life support systems. Okay, some of them can cook, too.
by Bobo Debauchery February 13, 2006
More commonly, but boringly, known as analingus.
Dude, it was so fucked up! As this chick was climbing up the ladder out of the pool, I pulled her bikini bottom down and started punching the dark star like there was no tomorrow. I mean, I could taste the last three meals she had eaten, know what I mean? We've all been there. Anyway, all of the sudden, her grandma appeared over the horizon and caught us. To make matters worse, it was right when she busted out a serious fart box queef. It was quite embarrassing, to say the least.
by Bobo Debauchery May 18, 2011
When you bust a girl's vaginal walls out, and then yell, "Oh, Yeeeeeah!"
And then I was fucking this chick and decided to give her the old Kool Aid Surprise, so I busted through her vaginal wall into whatever the fuck is in there, and then I was all like, "Oh yeeeeeeeeah!"
by Bobo Debauchery June 09, 2009

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