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The bestest, kewlest, nicest, smartest friend ever.
"Avalon, did u just c that Ab salon?"
by Bobishness April 05, 2003
Salt in french, formerly known as this kid at school that is odd. But funny.
"Yo, Sel."
by Bobishness April 06, 2003
A guy that is pretty much an ass. A fancier way of saying "u r an ass, u ass"
"hello sir ass alot, u will ph33r me, i pwn U!"
by Bobishness April 05, 2003
A school that is not as enjoyable as it may seem, there r very loud radios and people dance in the halls, horrid, HORRID images lodged in memory.cry, cry
"People have loud radios, and they hurt my brain, ouch stop, it burns!"
by Bobishness April 05, 2003
it ALWAYS means yes.
MAYBE you will burn me that cd??
by bobishness March 28, 2004

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