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17 definitions by Bobert

One who is an annoying bitch that has no balls.
Icedog90 is a panzy.
by bobert February 15, 2004
471 103
good luck
gl hf no bs - good luck, have fun, no backstabs
by Bobert April 19, 2003
537 194
Yesterday night.
So, what happened yesternight, anyway?
by Bobert June 25, 2004
45 6
This word is a synonym for "tomorrow" and is recommended for informal use.
He will be arriving tomorry.
by Bobert June 20, 2004
47 19
Crazy bastard who gets all the ladies.
Holy shit! Look at LeVan! He gets all the ladies!
by Bobert October 26, 2003
38 23
To be the number one douche in a group of douches. To show extreme features of douchism; thus necessitating a higher position in the name calling.
Guy 1: Do you know what i love? soap operas, the movie 'open water,' and trucker hats.
Guy 2: dude, you are the mayor of douchebagville
by Bobert December 20, 2004
12 2
Someone who does drugs all day long that touches themselves while taking it.
Jordyn is a drugster
by Bobert May 19, 2006
23 19