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Disconnecting and reconnecting to a chat, usually because of a shitty connection.
Is John reasving again? Yep, he's getting cucked by his ISP.
#reasv #disconnect #connection #internet #connect
by boberino September 28, 2015
Noun: A internet "link" that does not work to specification. Specifically if video and or sound is inoperable and henceforth ruins the masterpiece that is a short clip of a cat falling off of a table while Alicia Keys plays triumphantly in the background. A noise most accurately described as lunk is generally heard either in the distance over the left shoulder, or in the third eye region of the brain between the eyebrows and 1.5" behind the skull, as the viewer realizes that the link they were sent does not work.
You sent me a lunk! That youtube video of the epic finale of Pitch Perfect 2 had no sound! Send me a link please.
by Boberino May 12, 2016
Bastard who steals words and has a small pennis!
Anthony and Alex
by Boberino April 29, 2003
Tubby in Denial... A person who acts skinny but is really obese!
Alex is a T.I.D
by Boberino April 29, 2003
Big time Tubbb!!!!!! who likes it from the behind with a broom stick!
Alex and Anthony
by Boberino April 29, 2003
Obese in Denial. A person weighing over 500 pounds.
Alex and Anthony are O.I.D's
by Boberino April 29, 2003
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