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a way of saying three fifty
gimme tree fiddy
by bobcheese February 22, 2003
an Italian person with a moustache
he's a moustachio!
by bobcheese February 22, 2003
a male child who's head resembles an egg.
he's an eggboy
by bobcheese February 22, 2003
Someone who likes cocks up there BOT.

Or possibly a gay robot.
Jeff is such a fucking homobot, he should take Anna's cock out of his arse...
by Bobcheese January 15, 2005
An ugly ginger twunt who likes to fuck a homobot such as Jeff
Jeff's lass is such a madame whiplash
by Bobcheese January 20, 2005
abbreviation for "daughter of fish lady"
shes a DOFL!!!
by bobcheese February 24, 2003

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