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a growing community (though still relatively small) of mostly hicks and twilight fangirl emos. the school has about 2-3 openly gay boys, and about half of the girls say they are bisexual as a way to gain attention. most of the kids in the school have some sort of substance abuse problem. dip and cigarettes are very popular amongst these teenagers. there are about 5 black people in the whole town, mostly white, but a lot of hmong people as well. the town is filled with racisim and general intolerance, but is getting better.
"eww, it smells like shit!"
"yeah we just drove through Holmen, Wisconsin."
"oh, that explains all the minority carcases surrounded by dip tins..."
"yeah, and some big hick was fucking a cow back there too."
by BobbyLicious♥ July 27, 2009

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