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3 definitions by Bobby noxville

When a male slaps his penis across a persons forehead
Girl sobbing- " I have faced the worst possible form of abuse."
Girls friend- " What happened?"
Girl sobbing- " My boyfriend izwonked me."
Girls friend- " OH NO!"
by Bobby noxville March 23, 2010
When a female has a strange feeling that they are going to shit out of there vagina
After getting izwonked Shannon went to use the restroom notcing it was only a floop. After standing up she felt a vapoony
by bobby noxville July 26, 2010
When you go to drop a boul movement (take a shit) and only a fart comes out
I flooped
What the hell is that?
I went to shit and it was a false alarm
I only farted
by Bobby noxville March 22, 2010