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It looks like it's pretty much been defined..Abercbrombie is a worthless store that markets crap clothing to the typical 'popular crowd' as well as the insecure dregs who want to 'fit in' with the self centered, materialistic "popular crowd", and it is generally seen as a status symbol

Also, the clothing is generally EXTREMELY overpriced, and one can purchase very similar items that are mroe or less the same thing at Aeropostale, American Eagle, or Hollister (which is also owned by Abercrombie)

Abercrappie also features regualar hits such as "pre-worn jeans" which come beautifully quipped with holes in them. No thanks, but I'll run over my own jeans, and save the $80

I know this because I went to high school, and I saw that the preppy, popular kids always wore it, and I could never understand why. I wanted to fit in so bad, so I tried it. I unfortuanely wasted money on this shit, and was consequently made fun of by my REAL friends, who told me that I was blowing money on crap that I could easily purcahse at other stores, and that it didn't even look good on me.

Pity I didn't listen, when all along, I should have realized that I was posing to be people that didn't give a damn about me, and only cared about wasting their parent's hard earned dough to pose as slutty or preppy, superfifical asswipes.

I don't know why or how it's the case, but if you live in a rich area, that's predominantly white, you will see the 'Abercrombie effect' avoid at all costs, and no matter what, keep telling yourself, that the real "losers" are the people who buy it, who have no taste in clothing, and care only to confrom.

JUST REMEMBER: Buy it if you truly like it...not to fit in, cauz if those people want you, they would like you for who you are, NOT what you wear

See MAD TV, any upper scale suburban mall,

Girl 1: hey loser!
Girl 2: why?
Friend of girl 2: shes just jealous that you have a brain, and that you don't blow 80 bucks of your parents well earned money on an abercrombie, "shirt" that's so tight, only an 8 year old can fit in.
by Bobby from NJ September 03, 2005

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