3 definitions by Bobby da Bone

This is the act of FARTING in the bathtub and bitting the bubbles
Trish: "what the hell are you doing?"
Kevin: "What I'm a Snarff Gobbler"
Trish: "WTF is wrong with you?"
Kevin: "I'm bitting the bubbles before they hit the surface."
Trish: "you are a sick bastard"
Kevin: Thanks I love you
by Bobby da Bone February 27, 2009
This is when your girlfriend, wife or someone elses wife deep throats your cock and you hold her head all the way down until she starts gagging and yacking on your wood!Hense this is known as "Yack Wood"
"I can't do it Billy, I'll Yack" she said
Billy replied "All the way down to the balls and give me Yack Wood"
by Bobby da Bone February 24, 2009
A Shuist is when you lift your leh to fart and with pressure you have a little squirt with your fart.
Ahhh man that was a good fart, wait wait......oh no it's a Shuist! Got to change my pants man!
by Bobby da Bone February 20, 2009

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