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Adjective or adverb. Originally used as the short form for "buckwild", but can be used in a variety of ways, and has a variety of meanings.

1. insane, wild, crazy

2. yes

3. very, or really
1. Whoa, did you see that drunk guy? he was going buck!

2. Q. Yo, did you hit that last night? A. Buck

3. That chick's face was buck wierd looking...

Can also be used by saying "the buckness"
example: "That lightning storm last night was the buckness"
by Bobby Wham October 17, 2006
Adjective. Derived from the word "Nasty" said like, "Neeeeaaassty". Eventually shortened to just "Knee", as in "getting the knee"

1. Anything offensive, unpleasant or dissagreeable.

2. Ugly, gross or foul
1. "Guy, that movie was so knee"

2. Q: "Hey John, how was your blind date last night?"
A: "It sucked, her face was knee!"

3. "Summer school gets the knee" (not used in this way nearly as much)
by Bobby Wham September 06, 2006
1. A wigger, a white thug or gangster. Mostly associated with being fake or a joke. A beater doesn't necessarily have to be white, He/She can be from any race, it all depends on the dress code and the attitude.

2. Can be used in combination with other words such as "Gino-Beater" and "Hockey-Beater"
1. hahahahahah, K-Fed is such a beater!

2. That guy Anthony from high school was a big time gino-beater!
by Bobby Wham October 16, 2006
to put simply, it means crank call.

"to have an eyegabbing session"
"yo, lets eye grab this fool!"
by Bobby Wham October 26, 2006
adjective. it's better than good, it god. Used for anything amazing or fantastic.
1. "Guy, that chinese food was god!"

2. "Oh man, did you see King Kong? The effects were so god!"

3. "That's the god shit"
by Bobby Wham October 30, 2006
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