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The best possible reaction to any event, particularly an award or accolade of any kind.
- You've just won the Nobel Peace Prize for basically not being George Bush. How do you feel?

- Humbled. I feel humbled.

- Oh, OK. You seem like a good guy.
by Bobby Tables October 09, 2009
An outdated occupation, just like haberdasher, miliner or blacksmith.

In mediaeval times, every website had a Webmaster who used his mystical computing powers to keep all the flashing text, unreadable links and "under construction" signs safely in place.

These days people have found other ways of making websites work, and the last use of the word "webmaster" happened on Geocities some time in 2004.
0000247 visits since March 1998! Don't forget to sign the guEstbook! Contact the webmaster!
by Bobby Tables October 26, 2009
Used to describe silly-looking styles worn by ultra-fashionable people when you're not confident enough to come right out and say they look silly. You're worried this is a new fashion you don't know about yet, so you say the tweed shirt with a gold tie or whatever is 'directional'.
Look at all these posers with their directional haircuts. I wish I was in Wigan.
by Bobby Tables July 08, 2009
Mildly racist way to say "really big". Supposedly what Native Americans used to say.
That is heap big buffalo.
Dude, that chick has a heap big bootay!
by Bobby Tables June 04, 2010
The eternal reply to no way.
He was like no way, and I was like fraid so, and then he was like whaaaaat and I was like, nuh uh.
by Bobby Tables June 15, 2010
A magazine that isn't pornographic enough to be top-shelf, but is still sold more or less with the single purpose of providing material for masturbation. Often contain women who believe themselves to be famous for something other than their breasts.
My girlfriend doesn't like me buying porn, so I just get the mid-shelf magazines and pretend it's for the gadget reviews.

Since Gemma Atkinson left Hollyoaks, her entire career has been posing for mid-shelf magazines.
by Bobby Tables September 09, 2009
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