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it refers to the time when a drug dealer or hustler is likley to make most of his or her money sellin crack, considering the fact that govement checks are issued on these dates every month.
N.W.A. "Clockin much paper on the first and fifteenth"
by Bobby R September 29, 2005
1. The act of stopping to take a shit when on the go or at work. this is often done in public bathrooms or at parties, or any other place you don't want to be caught pinching a lough.

2. the name associated with the high rate of speed that fecal matter sometimes exits the ass when taking a dump, this is often detectable by a cold back splash of water coming in contact with the asshole, chode, and or nut sack.
"Dude guard this door. I got to get a power squeeze in before gym."
by Bobby R January 14, 2009
this is a name given to a females ass when it has the right consistency of meat. this does not pertain to woman with stomachs that are as big in diameter as their ass.
"damn, look at lil mama ova there! she got a phatty banger."
by Bobby R January 14, 2009
Welfare is simply one of the many conspiracys fabricated by our government to control the black community. A proverbial crutch so to speak. The longer you can keep a minority dependant on a monthly check, all the more easy it will be to cripple him later. Inevitably this plan will forever safeguard the white mans well-being and likelihood for success. If we the black people dont snap out of this cycle, the white man will always maintain dominance in America.
"I been on welfare for six years motha fucka. What I look like gettin a job nigga?"
by Bobby R October 12, 2005
to bust or rank on some one about appearence or something else. also known as snappin
"yo, you gonna let that nigga sound on you like that?"
by Bobby R September 29, 2005

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