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That one girl at every party, bar, workplace, school, etc. that everyone stares at while she walks by because of her beauty.

Every guy is afraid to approach her because of her amazing looks, and the fear of insant rejection; But every once in a while a brave man will approach her, but be warned you should be a master of flirting if you even want 5 seonds with her.

Some common traits of a woman of the world is always in the lastest high brand fashions, a love for sunglasses, a love for any type of accent, and usually a gay friend; But these traits may differ girl to girl
*A woman of the world walks by*
Tony: Oh god dude look at that girl!
Paul: That ain't no girl dude. That's a woman ....... a woman of the world
Tony: Dude I'm going up to talk to her
Paul: Dude wait no! you better be really charming!
by Bobby Q D July 14, 2011
The worst city to ever exist. Walking around Newark at night will give you an 80% of dieing from pollution, shooting, rape, etc.. A prime example of Hell on Earth
Jimmy: Do you want to go to Newark New Jersey?
Tom: No I actually value my life
by Bobby Q D July 14, 2011
You can't handle it
All Togther Now:
You can't handle The Truth
by Bobby Q D July 14, 2011

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