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Verb: to amble about aimlessly, ignoring those around you.

Noun: one who magnificently combines narcissism, cluelessness, and a knack for falling upward; a powerpoint destroying mush; an overpaid photographer/retreat leader in the guise of a leader.

Worker (walking down hallway): Good morning, boss. How are you?

Boss: (stares blankly at worker and walks past him silently)

Worker: Damn, I just got hemenway'd!
by Bobby Oso April 17, 2009
Noun: a pant tugging bore; a so-called man of the cloth who puts the coin before the flock; a teller of seldom funny misogynistic jokes and always amusing foot-in-mouth comments; part of the 1-2 punch committed to destroying the golden A.
Monsignor Carroll: Uhh, uhh, uhmm, hello faculty, in uhh today's meeting, uhh, uhh, hemenway and I will bore and insult you in an effort to make you uhh work harder and sub more for less uhh money. And then we'll pass the hat and ask for donations.

Veteran faculty: Bite me, tuggy.
by Bobby Oso January 18, 2010

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