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4 definitions by Bobby Mullen

Screaming wake up call only effective during the morning or night, begins with a loud wuhhh ohhhh and increases speed and volume until you get a response from neighbor,family,friend,etc

If negative/rude response is given, reply with a fuck you and continue the call
Bobby:Hey bo, watch this, i used to know all the calls when i was a kid

Bo:Lets see the famous johnny wisefellow call

Bobby: Wuh ohhhh wuh ohhhhhh!

Neighbor at 7 a.m: Would you shututp theres people trying to sleep

Bobby: Fuck you too, WOHHHHHH!!, etc
by Bobby Mullen February 22, 2008
To tell a person to shutup or leave you alone
Also meaning goodbye and is a realtion to leaving somebodies prescence, Must be said twice in a row for the deffinion to be effective, as showin example below
Bob(Sitting in chair reading something)
Renee(Annoying Wife)

Renee: Bobby, where are my ciggarettes
Bob: Budasen Renee Budasen

Renee: Bye bobby
Bob: Aghhh Budasen Budasen
by Bobby Mullen February 22, 2008
A term used to make fun of your friend for cheating on his girlfriend or getting a handjob from an ugly girl
Kevin/Bobby: With the flick of a wrist, brandon cheated on his girlfriend

Brandon: Fuck you guys it was a dare and only 2 seconds

Bobby: Yuh still got yuh shit flicked
by Bobby Mullen February 22, 2008
A sub or spucky that is expired/overdue and can mostly be found at your local gas station or rat/cochroach infested spucky joint, can also be said as cock-a-roach sandwitch/spucky/subby/hogie (See example 2)
Bobby: Hey wanna go get a couple of spucks down at the gas station

Kevin: Nah mullen went there last week and told me they dont got nothing but cochroach sandwitches


Edith: Do you young boys want a few spuckys

Robinson: Fuck the lady yo, she got a buncha cock-a-roach sandwitches at her place.
by Bobby Mullen February 22, 2008