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3 definitions by Bobby McGee

Popular term in the State of Western Australia referring to teenagers, in particular, who wear ultra baggy/loose jeans with some of their underwear showing (why the hell we ask!?) and a t-shirt that's a bit too small. either that or an equally baggy jumper/sweater. The key thing is they skate. Generally loners too.
"Bloody skegs think they own the footpath..."
by Bobby McGee July 13, 2004
Short for Greater Toronto Area, refering to the area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Ron Allen of the RCMP's anti-drug unit in Toronto : "If we focused all the forces in the GTA solely on marijuana, we still wouldn't get a handle on it. It's that large."
by Bobby McGee March 13, 2005
F*** off, i dont care
(eg, while playing video games)
-What do you want to do today?
by Bobby mcGee May 02, 2004