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1 definition by Bobby Lovell

Acronym: Big Poopy Wiener On Your Ankle
Pronounced: Bee-pee-woi-ya
Created by old school Counter-Strike 1.2 clan BPWOYA.
It started as a silly drawing in art class of a speedo wearing, mullet having redneck with a large shit covered peinis on his ankle, that was created by two very bored classmates. BPWOYAz pride them selves in rarely taking the game seriously, smoking a lot of shrubs, and getting blamed for cheating while never actually doing so. Being banned from a server for hacking was taken as an utmost compliment.
"Dont mess with the BPWOYAz"
"wtf bpwoya?!"
"that bpwoya guy is hackin"
by Bobby Lovell February 21, 2008
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