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This is a game played by young and old guys all alike. You need about 5 or so naked dudes with huge boners standing around in a room and then another guy standing by the light switch. The dude standing by the light switch takes a corn on a cob and throws it into the air in the middle of those 5 naked dudes and turns the light off. The 5 dudes fight for the cob and whoever gets it takes it sticks it up their asshole. Dude at light turns light back on and the 5 dudes stand there naked and the guy who tossed the cob into the air has to guess which dude has it wedged up their ass.
Wow duder, after that game of hide the cob my asshole is sore.
by Bobby Knobi August 19, 2010
The word burynai means "juicy wet butthole"
Holy shit Jacob, that chick had one juicy wet burynai
by Bobby Knobi March 07, 2010
The word "Duega" is when two dudes with huge boners take turns taking a dump on each others chest and then taking their cocks and stirring the shit up in circles on each others chest making a runny shit stew and then licking it off and in turn, take their cocks and ram them up each others ass in a sexual shit smelling frenzy.
God dude, i totally did a Duega with my buddy Bill the other day. It was HOT! My rod is still hard from doing it.
by Bobby Knobi August 25, 2010
Runny shit, diarrhea, watery poop.
Goddddd, I was taking a shit dude and it was sooo watery and runny and I was grunting really loud as the watery poo came flying out my asshole.

So this afternoon I went to the bathroom. I had to shit so bad that I couldnt hold it prior. The second I pulled my pants down runny grunts went flying all over the back of the toilet seat. It was nasty!
by Bobby Knobi May 27, 2010
When sitting down on a stool naked, you start rocking back and forth and as you rock back and forth, your ass cheeks start spreading open revealing your asshole as you thrust backward and as you thrust forward, your ass cheeks close and thus your asshole isnt revealed anymore.
Man o' man. she knows how to poke it out sitting on that stool. she has one hot asshole.
by Bobby Knobi February 01, 2010

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