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Newfoundlander. (Newfoundland Canada). One of the proudest race of people in the planet. Former fishermen, but since the government shut down the fishery industry, they are still all unemployed, except for the few who run small businesses/stores or those who move away.

They are noted by their notoriously thick accent, such can be heard in expressions such as "ey by! (hey boy / You dont say!)" or "whataya at? (What are you at / What are you doing atthis moment?)"

There is also a breed of jokes called Newfie jokes which poke fun at this breed of human, but ironically enough, Newfies are the creators of such jokes.

In insult, these people have been compared to "red necks"
Jeez, yer a newfie!!

God, he must a freakin Newfie, no one can ride a moose that fast!
by Bobby Fletcher March 20, 2005
1. The act or action of being annoying.

2. A word used to substitute a cuss word.

3. A name for someone who is bothering you in some way or another.
Stop being such a crank bait.

*hits knee on table* crank bait!

What a crank bait.
by Bobby Fletcher January 04, 2004

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