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2 definitions by Bobby DelPelham

A very homely and obese older deluded female who rejects available men because of superficial reasons such as their unattractiveness. Usually found on singles sites, posting outdated pictures of themselves in their profiles, misrepresenting themselves to interested men, then rejecting those men upon meeting them in person.
The old girl appeared to be about 48 years old and around 112 pounds in her pictures, but when I met her, I realized she was a GHOULSLIME because she looked to be 65years old, around 275 pounds and she showed no interest in dating me again.
by Bobby DelPelham October 27, 2013

For those picky rejecting single women who lack a conscience, have no heart, know no guilt and are selfish to the nth degree..........doing the dizzapeer after she had a few dates with him is the perfect way for the soulless immature woman to run away from a good man who really loved her. Also typical behavior of con artist "romantic" scammers once they steal the money and want to outrun the cops.
I dated her twice and then she pulled the dizzapeer act on me, she doesn't return emails or phone calls.
by Bobby DelPelham October 24, 2013