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When an image is lost, errored, or broken.
When I clicked the thumbnail, it came up as a red x.
by Bobby De Niro January 06, 2005
aka RAT (Remote Access Trojan).
The worst type of virus you can get.
Aww fuck I got the Back Orifice...now I have to buy a whole new damn hardrive.
by bobby de niro August 29, 2004
One who pretends to be someone there not on an online chatroom to try to meet you in real life so they can rape or kill you.
The predator in the chatroom, who was actually a 40 year old man, pretended he was a teenage girl to try and seduce little boys in meeting him in real life.
by Bobby De Niro August 04, 2004
Best damn school there is. Beats the hell out of public schools because in this you get one-on-one with a teacher. You only go to school once a week for one hour! It's simple...you pick up your homework packets which are easy...then come in on school and take the test. Each test you pass you get a credit.
Charter school students graduate before Public schools.
My grades sucked at my public school but when I joined charter school I was actually passing.
by Bobby De Niro October 15, 2004
1. A very large sum of money
2. 'Play money' or 'Monopoly money'. The fake money used in board games.
1. You wanna make some silly money being in my movie?
2. European dollars look like silly money.
by Bobby De Niro August 03, 2008
Remote Access Trojan.
It's worse then a virus, trojan, and worm. It's called the Black Orifice created by the Cult of the Dead Cow. You can find out if you have this by searching for ".RAT" using advanced search options on your computer. If you have it, your screwed because now you don't have your computer...your borrowing it.
Say hi to the hacker that's watching you that gave you the RAT.
by Bobby De Niro August 05, 2004
An ass that is flat,noncurvaceous. Common among Asians.
Look at that flat ass! There's no meat in there!
by Bobby De Niro January 05, 2006

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