38 definitions by Bobby De Niro

Short term in the military for Commanding Officer.
Where can I find a CO?
by Bobby De Niro August 04, 2004
An idiot who doesn't know whats going on.
You know what, im not some schmo here.
by Bobby De Niro June 30, 2004
British version of wigger.
chavs...wiggers...what's the difference? there both idiots.
by Bobby De Niro May 26, 2005
A huge and/or painful shit.
Man, after eating all that spicy food, I had to take a mean shit.
by Bobby De Niro March 22, 2006
One who creates music.
Mozart's most brilliant and solid glory is founded upon his talents as a composer.
by Bobby De Niro August 04, 2004
Virtual chatroom similiar to habbo hotel that doesn't cost real money to buy fake furniture and has a lame music mixer.
Enter those codes from under the coke bottle caps on cokemusic to get Decibles to buy furniture.
by Bobby De Niro August 04, 2004
Big ass cheeseburger from Carls Jr.
It is said that eating one of these takes a day of your life away.
by Bobby De Niro February 19, 2005

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