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38 definitions by Bobby De Niro

via - By way of.

When driving to a corner, stop via the street light.
by Bobby De Niro August 04, 2004
449 94
What Tony Montana, aka Scarface, screams as he blasts the door with his "little friend."
"Joo wanna play rough?! Okay!
Shay ello to my lil frien!!!!!"
by Bobby De Niro December 12, 2004
457 130
The word commonly used by idiot 'gangstas' and 'teeny boppers'to describe all Electronic music.
Me: *plays Trance music*
Gangsta: Uhh...this is Techno right?
Me: No, it's Trance you dumbfuck!
Gangsta: Whateva...shit sounds all the same to me.
Me: Typical...
by Bobby De Niro May 10, 2005
426 130
Chinese Mafia that is known to be the largest gang in China. Similiar to the yakuza
These men are Triads! The most deadliest gang in China!
by Bobby De Niro May 01, 2004
325 30
Mouth ulcer. Basically just a small open wound in your mouth that hurts like hell.
canker sores suck.....
by Bobby De Niro October 30, 2005
207 16
A type of atmospheric electronic music that ranges from calm, soothing, dark, or psychadelic.
Moby, Aphex Twin, and Enigma play ambient.
by Bobby De Niro October 11, 2004
210 37
A large pimple.

I got a damn zit right on the tip of my nose!
by bobby de niro September 02, 2004
256 103