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3 definitions by Bobby Chops

A phrase that portrays your disappoint with the outcome of a desired situation. A sarcastic retort of your displeasure. A statement delivered with a distinct tone, and rapid in response.
Dankeshite Tom, ya really helped my out there ya prick!!!

John: I wanted to,get you a signed copy of the latest Barry Manilow CD...

Steve: Dankeshite John, with friends like you suicide is easier
by Bobby chops October 16, 2009
2 0
To engage in sexual intercourse with accelerating velocity. To throw shots or to flake shots into, indicates a will to take part in a serious boning session.
I'm dying to flake shots tonight

Fuck, i heard Rob throwing a blast of shots last night after the pub. Her snatch must be in an awful shape.

Ya, i heard he flaked shots all over the gaff. Must have been some gangbang
by Bobby Chops October 16, 2009
4 4
To exit an unfavourable social situation without making your absence obvious until a passing period. Usually, complimented by the classic bathroom room option.
Man, Rob did a combat roll last night. He fucked off to the toilet and never came back.

Anne, if this party gets any worse i'm gonna pull a combat roll.
by Bobby Chops October 16, 2009
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